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At BlocEnergy we see the main growth market as downstream refined fuels. The projected growth for these markets are well documented and steady demand goes out for the next 40 years. BlocEnergy is already uniquely positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

The refined fuels market is under supplied on multiple fronts globally. The opportunity for expansion for many years to come has very little resistance. Global population growth and emerging markets coming into the 21st century are creating a long-term demand curve for refined fuels that are not even close to being met by today’s facilities and markets.

Global Long-Term Growth is well documented:

The graph below provides a clear picture of the growth of the refined fuels markets over the next 5 years. The supply and demand for the physical fuels offers a tremendous opportunity. The lack of new and needed facilities in the high growth consumption areas offers greater opportunities which are readily available.

Are electric vehicles and bio fuels a threat to the refined fuels industry?

While both sectors will continue to expand we do not see much of an impact on refined fuels. The sheer demand of the modern global world and its transportation fuel needs will see steady growth and we believe the impact will be minimal.

As the chart shows the demand and growth for transport fuels accounts for almost half of the market and will only grow over the next 20 years and more.

*Oil Price Article:

Developed and Emerging Markets will grow exponentially:

The unique nature of these refined fuels markets is that growth in one market will not take away from the other markets’ opportunities for BlocEnergy. It will only drive demand and create higher margins for our physical storage and transport assets. It will also create greater returns for the supply and sale of our fuels.

BlocEnergy has already begun positioning ourselves in strategic areas that need either new or increased production, storage and transport facilities. These assets will provide us with business and revenue on a daily basis for the several decades. The sheer scope of the global expansion and demand is opening up countless areas and markets for us to move into that have very little or almost no competition. The dramatic increase in markets is providing immediate opportunities to help accommodate the current supply demands without even considering the future growth that still needs to be build out.
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