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Logistics Blockchain

BlocEnergy has developed and is in patent pending upon a “Blockchain” Supply logistics platform that will allow for all the various pieces, software, data and information involved in the supply, tracking and shipping of both crude and refined fuels to be accessible, monitored and verified on our single platform. By use of the Blockchain in its essence the platform locks the information and data in creating reliability via the platform.

We are able to access multiple areas of information in the supply streams and absorb them into our platform so users can access the information in real time on a global basis from most any smart device. The simple time stamping, order placement and un-corruptibility of the blockchain through “DLT” Distributed Ledger Technology make for the conveyance of trust worth information across multiple areas of the industry supply and trading markets and mechanisms.

Shipping & Tracking:

For energy suppliers, this is a welcome application as it gives the possibility of significantly reducing human error and administrative costs normally associated with this type of transactional activity. Accurate tracking, certification, verification and access to full history will in turn increase customer confidence and retention of the existing customer base.

Businesses involved in global shipping understand the extent it takes to manage supply chains and the amount of time and work involved in getting your products from point A to B. There are many aspects such as manifests, certifications, verifications, payments and engagement involved in the process to ensure the product keeps moving. A container could be sitting in Rotterdam for several days in customs, and the business may not even know it. This creates a situation in which a customer does not have what they need in time because there was no way of tracking it in real-time, without continual engagement and correspondence with the ports and logistics groups.


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), more commonly known as blockchain, not only makes the financial infrastructure more automated, it also makes the system more fair and open. Blockchain has three central features that make it indispensable for digitized financial transactions—immutability, transparency, and trust.


The blockchain structure replicates and distributes time-stamped data about transactions to many nodes in real time. This means that data cannot be modified after it is recorded, reducing both fraud and inconsistencies in record-keeping between partners.


The blockchain system acts like an open-sourced database in that it can be viewed, but not modified, by all parties. This eliminates the privileged access to information that has allowed some market participants greater access to financial data than others. Blockchain technology democratizes this aspect of the market. It also ensures that digital currency cannot be copied and used in a double spend.


Blockchain technology uses Smart Contracts, through which all parties agree to a set of conditions on a shared platform. The underlying code itself provides for trust in the system, as parties can transact business knowing that each party is both willing and able to fulfill its obligations.

Blockchain-enabled energy finance and distribution provides:

➢ A disruptive funding model utilizing the crowd;
➢ A decentralized mechanism for quickly supplying products;
➢ Automated processes for project identification and delivery;
➢ A secure platform for transactions;
➢ A trusted resource that is open and transparent.

Smart Contracts precisely define the parameters of any given enterprise and are executed and enforced on the Ethereum platform. These opt-in agreements are transparent and are subject to the scrutiny of the community. BlocEnergy’s Smart Contract defines an energy financing structure that allows stakeholders to monitor the deployments of the Company’s products worldwide.


Designed for a broad range of users, BlocEnergy’s solution offers automatic, configurable and manual modes so users can retrieve forecasts and modify scenarios interactively. Automated forecasting means less manual input and makes large forecasting processes more manageable and user friendly.

Arbitrage & Energy Exchange:

Through our platform, users can leverage energy assets, storage, contracts and deliverables through smart devices to find verified partners to fulfill needed items and assets. This will enable an exchange of energy which also sets the foundational layer of our demand/response mechanism.

Peer to Peer Exchange:

The platform provides a multilateral framework for energy cooperation. It is designed to promote energy and transaction security, customer integration, and supply efficiencies through the operation of more open and cooperative energy platform; this puts the missing pieces together so global energy transactions can find their need items and be completed.

Our scope revolves around improving knowledge and information of the energy supply and maximizing the efficiency of production, conversion, transport, distribution, and use of energy in order to enhance security, profitability, and transactability, while eliminating non-performing concerns and risks to maintain profitable economic conditions.

That being said, our platform integrates:

➢ Logistics Tracking and Certifications (in real-time)
➢ Energy exchange metrics
➢ System balancing mechanisms
➢ Energy trading smart contracts
➢ Global Market Needs
➢ Fulfillment Engagement Networks

… into a blockchain that allows for instant adaptation to real-world conditions and requirements, for all platform participants in the system. Uniting the aforementioned into a single, simple user-interface is the major achievement of BlocEnergy

– and it is what brings added value as well as differentiation to our ecosystem customers and business partners. Time and time again, the world of industry has shown us that simplification and digitization of services people require regularly is the key to healthy and sustainable growth; it is with this in mind that we have developed BlocEnergy as a platform that does away with bureaucracy, reduces costs, and simplifies the user experience while offering flexibility and responsiveness that outweigh any reluctance of the consumer to switch to our new design.
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