Revenue Assets

BlocEnergy is already positioned to begin generating tremendous monthly and long-term revenues through its current contracts for refined fuels storage both here in the Gulf Costs Areas and the “ARA” areas of Europe, specifically Rotterdam.

Through its strategic partnerships BlocEnergy has projects and revenue generating investments in motion. Partnering with BlocEnergy allows you to participate and allows Bloc to grow these positions and investments immediately and logarithmically.

Phase 1 Immediate Revenue Assets:

The recent downturn in oil prices through 2014 to 2107 left global storage facilities underutilized and available for lease and purchase. We have several locations, ports and areas targeted for immediate lease contracts to begin moving Jet Fuels and ULSD into those markets. BlocEnergy has both suppliers and buyers of products ready to contract with our storage facilities to begin supplying them fuel on long term contracts by performing as a reliable intermediary for their fuels that they can trust on a weekly, monthly and long-term basis.

By leveraging these immediate contracts and relationships we will absorb more of the available storage in these strategic areas and others as we see them growing to prepare for the future demand for these fuels that are inevitable.

Historic forecasting has projected the growth of refined fuels globally and BlocEnergy has been moving into ULSD and Jet Fuels markets for the past several years prior to the latest announcements, which will only drive global demand for ULSD through the roof for the next 40 years.

BlocEnergy will deploy capital into growing are Storage Tank Leasing and ownership and is able to begin moving fuel through those assets immediately providing a revenue return from those assets within weeks of commencement of our operations of each set of assets. We project that we can grow our revenues with a few million dollars to millions of dollars per month and $40 to $50 million net revenue in the first year for just the Rotterdam areas of our business.

Phase 2 Medium Term Target Projects:

BlocEnergy will continue to focus on growing our Storage, Loading and Supply facilities specifically for Jet Fuel and ULSD in our initial target areas of Rotterdam & Houston (Texas Gulf Coast) as well as begin expanding into high demand emerging areas that we can obtain existing storage and facilities that are underutilized.

We will be finalizing land deals that are currently under negotiation in the Gulf Coast and Southern Caribbean Areas for the development of Fuel Storage and Loading Facilities for both ground and sea transport. One area lies directly adjacent to a new field discovery in the Caribbean that will provide us with business for the next 50 years.

BlocEnergy will also begin to strategically search for port areas that are under supplied for ULSD in both supply and storage and will begin to lock in facilities and land to be able to supply ULSD to the maritime industries as the global shipping fleets convert from bunker fuels to ULSD as explained in the article below. This change over is going to drive demand in the market that is difficult to quantify but more importantly it will drive the need for new fueling facilities at almost every port and new ports globally in every market.

The article is one example of the dramatic moves occurring in the refined fuels markets. New Maritime Rules on Elimination of Bunker Fuel & Move to ULSD Recently the Global Energy Industries passed rules to Maritime Vessels moving from Bunker Fuels to their use of ULSD!

“If you use diesel anywhere in the world, watch out for 2020,” Kloza added. “This will be one of the biggest changes for fuel in our lifetimes. There is going to be a lot of diesel — instead of going into trucks — will be pumped into ships.”

Phase 3 Long Term Revenue Projections and Business Models:

With our Assets In place and revenues being generated from first just the pass through of fuels through our systems, storage and facilities. Second from the actual sales of fuels via our systems we will have our “Supply Logistics Platform” in place to create a trustworthy information and market place for our customers and others to transact globally in the crude & fuel transport markets as well as the physically commodities buying and selling markets.

Once our logistics platform is in place we can then launch our credit facilities to fund trading markets for participant’s and much lower fee’s and higher efficiencies than current credit and funding facilities to the global fuels markets. We estimate we can save our customers billions of dollars in fees per year and even per month in some cases and in doing so generate a significant revenue from the savings we create to our platform users. We estimate that this will amount to several billion dollars per year in net revenue to BlocEnergy along with more efficient tracking of our facilities, assets and products and much lower funding fees for ourselves as well as our partners.

We estimate that we will be generating between $500 Million & $1 Billion Dollars within the next 24 months and will grow from there.
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