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BlocEnergy LLC is the progression of refined fuels production, infrastructure, logistics and storage moving forward into the very technology that we are creating. Through the use of new blockchain & smart contract technologies, we are able to re-think how we plan, produce, fund and supply refined fuels to the market. Our technology will utilize the efficiencies and real time tracking in blockchain & smart contracts to modernize the logistics supply chain for the refined fuels industry. Our clients and companies can reduce time with verification, certifications, manifest, tracking and demurrage protocols that exist in multiple layers in the industry.
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BlocEnergy benefits by being able to quickly interact directly with their shareholders a.k.a. tokenholders directly through the blockchain and the smart contract. Whether that means paying dividends or profit shares directly to an investor’s cryptocurrency wallet, or instigating a “call” to buy back the tokens during an exit event. Bloc Energy recognizes the potential of this technology and how it will shift the future financial marketplaces of the world. For the first time, Wall Street will soon be taken over by Tech Street.
We will utilize the Securitized Token Offering (“STO”) mechanism to raise money at logarithmically lower costs, fees, and equity. Project Tokenization standardizes, simplifies and opens global access for direct participation by individuals, companies and investment groups. This dramatically lowers funding costs, time and project commencement allowing for greater profit for the project and return for the Investor.
By buying tokens from the BlocEnergy token sale, you are not simply investing in speculative instruments, you are investing in the success of the company by buying into their equity. Investors will have much more to gain than purchasing traditional stocks by the increased liquidity of being able to buy and sell the BlocEnergy tokens on non-traditional exchanges as well as directly “OTC” or over-the-counter between buyer and seller without any middle men. After the official holding periods required by the SEC, an investor is free to sell or trade their tokens directly to a friend or associate right from their cellphones while out on the golf course.
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