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BlocEnergy International  is a revolutionary new business model combining high revenue producing conventional assets with the global efficiencies and strength of digital currency, blockchain and smart contract technologies.   We have created a hybrid business model  by combining conventional petroleum energy assets with a global stablecoin "STO" to allow individuals, groups or firms in the global market to participate in these high revenue producing opportunities.  By using a Tokenization model we create many levels of investment and participation combined with a revolutionary digital market place for businesses to access each other, collaborate, buy, sell and fund their asset orders, deals & projects. Trading digital assets can be made more efficient with the Quantum AI program. The program is web-based and uses AI technology to evaluate and derive insights from different markets. Thus, trading becomes more effective and fruitful.

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BlocEnergy brings our cutting edge business model to both the conventional energy & assets spaces, as well as, the digital blockchain universe.  BlocEnergy is well into the combination of our conventional revenue assets and the efficiencies of smart contract technologies.  We are currently adding assets at an astronomical rate and growth to our bottom line.  With the launch of our digital business and platform, we will be able to add our blockchain and smart contract technologies to this growth model. This will dramatically increase our ability to operate and compete in many additional petroleum and energy markets globally.  Creating a path for faster global adoption of our technology, and significantly lower costs and increased transaction speeds.

Our platforms ability to fund, manage, track and trade high-value assets with the new digital & crypto technologies will help expand existing markets and open new markets into the hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to our platform. As for trading crypto assets, we suggest opting for trading bots like the bitcoin code app as it works using the Artificial Intelligence technology to simplify trading. From the billions of dollars in savings to our participants & clients businesses.  

Join us now so you can begin capitalizing on our revolutionary business model and the global growth of these new marketplaces.  You can participate in this exciting new world of commerce and the vast global opportunities that it will open up to your business.  Increase earnings & profits for your business and your business through the technological efficiencies we are creating.  

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Vision, Mission, & Goal


We envision a world of smart-participants in a hyper-efficient project and logistics platform system that reduces operational costs for all parties.  Automated counter-party queries with pre-approved deal certification, vetted and verified with credit funding facilities pre-approved and built in. 


Our mission is to be the first international platform to integrate and facilitate cooperation between market operators for the benefit of all parties; this will provide secure, automated, lower-cost to deal flows, for the petroleum asset markets where they are desperately needed.


Creating a blockchain-enabled informational  asset platform for the global trading markets that is simple, secure, automated, which will deliver a tremendous increase in value to all users. Lowering the cost and increasing the speed and security of project engagement and funding in order to create higher profits.  

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